The Planets

Part Three- Earth In this third part of a series of nine articles, today  we look at the planet Earth. The Prologue: It’s round(ish), not flat. The Earth and the far side of the moon on […]


Presumed Consent

At the Conservative Party Conference in October 2017, PM Theresa May pledged to introduce a system of presumed consent for organ donation in England. A similar opt-out system has existed in Wales since 1st December […]


The Flat Earth Society

Firstly a hat tip to the Flat Earth Society, their website is:  also for Wikipedia, see here: I thought it about time that we all knew something about The Flat Earth Society, (TFES).  […]


The Internet

So there I was, at 16, with my Commodore 64, a Programmers Reference Guide and no assembler, translating assembly instructions into hexadecimal opcodes, by hand, then typing them in as DATA statements in decimals. A […]


The Planets

Part Two – Venus In this second part of a series of nine articles we look at the planet Venus. The Prologue: Throughout this series, I would like to give a huge H/T to NASA.  […]