Incitement to Murder

Coloniescross, Going PostalJonathan Freedland is a “journalist” who writes primarily for the Grauniad, he also presents an ABBC Radio 4 programme called The Long View. Mr Freedland also writes “best selling” thrillers under the pseudonym Sam Bourne.

So far so good, his Wikipedia profile describes him as a “liberal Zionist” who freely admits to not using the term “Zionist” because, he claims, “right wing Zionism” has come to mean the whole (of Zionism). The son of a prominent Jewish family he was privately educated before moving on to Wadham College Oxford, not so much a silver spoon, more like the full place setting, including dessert fork.

In my opinion, which so far as I am aware I am still allowed to hold, Mr Freedland is everything that most people who write articles for and comment on Going Postal despise. He is insufferably arrogant and he is a snob; he shares the liberal intelligentsia’s view that he can never be wrong, about anything, which means that anyone disagreeing with him and his world view can never be right.

He hates “ordinary people”, those horny handed sons and daughters of the soil, the very people who are the beating heart and soul of any nation, are anathema to him. He pities the manufactured poor because he can and, again in my opinion, he holds, in very high regard, the politicians, celebrities and media elites that have done so much to bring this country low. He is a committed and rabid Europhile. I imagine he would be at his happiest and most comfortable travelling in an armoured limousine, along a Zil lane, on his way to his country pile for a weekend with his peers, drinking champagne, eating sea food and praising his form of “socialism” (the type of political and social system that has killed more people and done more to worsen the lot of the honest working man and woman than any other system in history) to the rafters.

He claims to despise “populism” but he is very happy to be popular himself. He despises capitalism but thoroughly enjoys the trappings that a free capitalist society has afforded him. He hates tradition, Israel, conservatism, patriotism, national pride and people like me. I don’t know what he loves, apart from himself.

But I digress. Under the guise of Sam Bourne Mr Freedland has drawn on his pathological hatred of Donald Trump and all things to the right of the Soviet Commissariat as inspiration for his imaginatively titled latest novel “To Kill a President”. I bet it’s a humdinger, from the little I know of the actual content Mr Freedland uses what he would no doubt call “artistic licence” to belittle, insult, denigrate and ultimately see off the democratically elected President of the United States. In the process and by extension he insults not only those millions of people in America that voted for Trump in hope of a better future for themselves and their children, he also exposes his hatred and disdain for anyone who has the temerity not to believe in the “liberal”, louche, amoral and degenerate “New World Order”.

It is hardly surprising, to me at least, that The Grauniad handed responsibility for reviewing the latest Bourne “classic” to friend and fellow traveller Nick Cohen. Although ostensibly a different kind of “liberal” Cohen, an atheist, shares Freedland’s hatred of Donald Trump and all he stands for. This makes for a very interesting review and brings me to the point of this article. Much to the unbounded joy and satisfaction of Cohen, Bourne portrays Donald Trump as a man living in a “grey area” between the sociopath and the psychopath. He makes him out to be a pervert and a borderline paedophile that has not and will never achieve anything beyond groping a female staffer and tweeting coarse “ungettable” jokes. Cohen (here I imagine him braying with laughter) laps this up like cream, because, according to him, it isn’t really fiction. Donald Trump, you see, so far as these liberals are concerned, is perfectly capable of starting a nuclear war over a slight about the size of his manhood.

No doubt Mr Freedland will continue to write his columns, draw his ABBC stipend and produce more “blockbuster” thrillers. He will continue to rail against austerity and howl about the Grenfell tower tragedy without considering, for even one second, that unlimited immigration and the constraints on the housing system were even partly to blame for the numerous dead that will never be named. He will continue to manufacture righteous indignation over all the lefts favourite shibboleths, education, refugees, housing, “our NHS”, patriarchy, global warming, Palestine and much more from the comfort of his London pied a terre without once considering that millions of people don’t view the world as he does.

I believe, although I haven’t read anything by Bourne/Freedland and am unlikely to start now, that this latest tome is nothing more than fantastical projection. A desire to see a political assassination, preferably ordered by the Presidents own inner circle but, if it were to fall to a rabid, pussy hat wearing alt-left Antifa member to pull the trigger or explode the vest I don’t suppose there would be many tears shed.

The left has always had a nasty streak, running right through it. This is probably born of the knowledge that, in the end, people are onto them. We see their hypocrisy, their self righteous fake indignation, their greed, their jealousy and their lack of any moral grounding. We understand that when they say things like “For the Many” they mean exactly the opposite and we know, more than anything, that if they really thought they could manage without us the Isle of Wight or somewhere similar would become a mass grave for those of us that won’t be silenced or indoctrinated.

The modern left, from the anti-Semitic pro Islam Labour Party inner circle, down through the Lib Dems and Remain supporters wishing that “old people” would die, into the state propaganda organ of the ABBC and its regular anti- family anti-morality contributors and on down to the virtue signalling mega wealthy celebrities who are only ever happy telling ordinary people what to think, how to act and what to say has gladly taken up the mantle of Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

It might be very simplistic to use the word “Orwellian” to describe where we could be heading, I’m not an intellectual, but when I look around at how just about everything has been turned on its head in so many areas I have to wonder. We have the proles, home grown and imported, we have the elites and we have, if Mr Corbyn has his way, a readymade party machine, willing to do and say anything, even to lie or rewrite history, just to make sure they stay one step above the bottom rung.

Take a bow “The New Liberal Left” in all your many guises, you know who you are, you know what you are doing but, most worryingly of all you know you are right, when history, unequivocally, says you are completely and, potentially devastatingly, wrong.

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